Monday, July 22, 2013

What can Limu do for you - Part 1

Being Fixed.

Living Social Deal is on again!

Aloha Everyone!!

Been too busy to make any recent updates to our blog as we are getting slammed with all sort of fantastic new patients!  But fear not, I have a few new blogs in the pipeline to put up soon!  Keep an eye out!

In the mean time,  jump on over to Living Social  and get yourself a heck of a deal for our office!
Our deals are always open to everyone, even if you are already an existing patient (we like to reward everyone for good behavior).  It started on Friday the 19th and will run until the 26th of July!
Whilst your there getting your deal, why not spoil someone in your life who needs some great care.  Surprise mom and dad, maybe your brother, or your wicked step-sister.  You can spoil up to three people with gifts from our deal!

Since social network is easy for most folk and everyone likes free things, buy your deal and spread the good word about it, if three of your friends buy the deal through you, your deal is FREE!!

Hurry up and get your deal on!  The offer expires July 26th!


~ Doc K

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Attention interweb and blog-0-sphere friends!

Yesterday we kicked off our new Living Social Deal and it has taken off like wild fire!!
The coupons are being snatched up left and right!!

Jump over to the Living Social site and buy yours (or a gift for your stubborn friends)

We will see you here!!

Stay healthy my friends!

~ Doc K